Authorized Retailer – DENTCA Digital Dentures

In order to make sure we are getting the most cost effective, aesthetic and dependable product, we have to create and develop partnerships with companies who we can rely on. We make sure we do thorough research in all companies to see who is the perfect. We want to represent each other in a positive light and do what we can to make sure what we are producing is not only has a stamp of approval from the vendor, but ourselves as well.

One of our deepest relationships has been nurtured and developed extensively with Cad Blu. Cad Blu has been our guiding light into digital dentistry. They have connected and provided us with the top of the line products and equipment. Cad Blu understands the main goal we have for our dentists, which is to provide a top of the line, dependable, sustainable, yet affordable product for their patients. With that standard, Cad Blu has created a trifecta between us, Cad Blu and 3shape. This combination has created a winning team. With the scanners, printers and milling machines, we are now able to obtain the ideals we have dreamed for years.

In our lab, we have scanners that we use to start the design process, but prior to this step, we have become an authorized lab for the 3shape Trios oral scanner. Cad Blu has given us the opportunity to sell this piece of equipment to dentists. The bonus with this new endeavor is that we are hands on when it comes to the delivery and training of this piece of technology. Not only does a Cad Blu instructor come to your office, set up the 3shape Trios, and train your staff, but a representative of Cornerstone tags along to make sure the set up goes smoothly and that our lab is able to receive your digital files immediately.

From there our lab goes forward with permission from the dentist on the design, and uses our state of the art printers and milling machines to continue and finish the restoration that you and your patient desire.

We are proud to have Cad Blu and 3shape as a part of the Cornerstone family.


Whether it is the start, processing, or finish of a case, we are thankful for alliances such as Henry Schein and Ivoclar. We work hand in hand with our vendors to get the education on the products that are being offered and what works best for our client.

Ivoclar is consistent in keeping us up to date with all the new and cutting edge all porcelain restorations. We are huge fans of the esthetic possibilities the e.max brand has provided.

Porcelain fused to metal was the choice restoration for years, but with the advancements that Ivoclar has developed in the different shades and translucencies of the e.max ingot, patients are able to get a metal free restoration, have it look natural, fit comfortably, and pay a fraction of the cost of a typical metal restoration.


Our newest endeavor, and connection is with Dentca. Dentca is the wave of the future in digital dentures. In what would be a normal six week process, for custom trays, bite blocks, denture set-up, denture reset, and then denture finish, we are able to squeeze all of that into one simple process that is just 2 visits after the initial impression. Gone are the days of multiple visits in and out, back and forth for the patient, costing you and the patient valuable time.

All you need to begin is the starter kit, which includes the customized trays in a variety of sizes to fit an array of patients. From there, as long as you follow the simple instructive
process, we are able to fabricate and digitally print a trial denture in a FDA approved material. This happens so quickly, just 5 days after you take the initial impression.
Once we have the dentures approved by you, we are able to print the final dentures in a variety of shades of teeth and gums.

Just two simple visits after the initial impression, and your patient is walking out the office door with a pair of dentures that fits like a glove, has proper retention, and looks natural. We are excited to introduce this new technology and process to our dentists and to further explore this new knowledge and relationship with Dentca.