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Dental Laboratory

Denture Laboratory

Originating from Bucks County, PA, Cornerstone Dental Labs is a dental crown lab that consistently services all of Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, but our services also extend throughout the United States. Just because we are located in PA doesn’t mean we are only service the tri-state area like local labs usually do. We are a dental lab for dentists that services nationwide. Some dentists only want to use a laboratory that is close, and we understand that aspect, but we can offer the same conveniences as local labs. We do have many nation-wide clients that we provide exceptional service and quality to, making Cornerstone Dental Labs one of the premiere dental laboratories in the country.

Denture Lab

Being a full service dental laboratory located in Bucks County for over the past twenty-five years, we are able to cater to all types of dental needs including emax ceramic crowns. With the advancements of technology in digital dentistry, we are able to efficiently create complex dental implants for dentists and complex supported restoration cases, or perform the simplest denture repair in PA, NJ or anywhere in the US. Being a denture lab is something we are proud of. We are striving to be the denture lab that dentists are talking about for quick turn-around time, ideal fit, and great prices. We could be the dental lab for dentists just like you!

Denture Laboratory

Through Philadelphia, PA and New Jersey, there are many laboratories that you could choose, but we like to think that we are not just a laboratory, but a source of information, a partner, and people you can count on…

We understand the financial pressures placed on today’s dental practice. At our dental labs, we have married aggressive pricing with constant technology, technicians, teams, and materials in order to deliver to you a reliable restoration. We realize what we have to do for today’s dental practices; from our denture lab to our CAD/CAM department and everywhere in between we work hard to make sure our restoration is not only fully functional and correct, but also aesthetically beautiful.

Our laboratory is the dental lab for dentists! What we mean by this is that we are always looking to improve ourselves for not only you the dentists, but to benefit your patients as well. We love feedback and learning new and innovative processes or ideas. We can’t be better or be the dental lab for dentists that we aim to be without assessments from our dentists and their patients. Our focus has always been on consistency and quality so that we can offer a lifetime guarantee on every case you send to us!

The Cornerstone Difference

Cornerstone is a high-end dental lab breaking new ground with the digital dental revolution. Cornerstone was established in 1989 by master dental technician John P. Collins to service New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania areas. We have consistently grown over the last twenty-five years now to be able to service the entire country, and one of the reasons why is the Cornerstone Difference.