Continuing Education- Our FIRST Webinar

Posted on: June 25th, 2014 by Cornerstone

Wow!  It has been about a week or so, and we are so excited to share with you the news that our Webinar with the PAGD went GREAT!  :)It’s always a rush of excitement mixed with apprehension to try or do something new, but we are certainly honored and happy to have been the first webinar that PAGD has debuted. We were extremely grateful to be part of such a unique experience that touched dentists nationwide.  Our partner, Dr. Frederick Lally spoke about the clinical side of digital impressions versus traditional. We traveled to Dr. Lally’s office and had such a wonderful patient who was willing to let us video the whole experience of being prepped for a full contour zirconia crown, and allowed Dr. Lally to not only take a tradional impression, but then to digitally capture the prep with our 3shape Trios color oral scanner. Once we had the film, we were able to develop and show you what happens behind the scenes once we receive a digital file at the lab, from start to finish.  We speak about the advantages of owning a digital scanner, and how it advances and speeds up the process of a crown, while keeping the dentist involved in the design and production of the crown. We also touch on the challenges that dentists and patients are faced with today with traditional impressions and how the digital dentistry era will be beneficial to you and your patient. Our biggest hope is for the patient to have an easy, fast appointment, with us turning the crown around and finishing with an easy, and fast delivery. 

What is awesome about the webinar is that you are not able to attend the LIVE on to ask questions and see it in real time, you can log in and watch 24/7 and receive the SAME amount of CE credits!  And then if you do have any questions, you can always direct them to us… We are always ready to answer things that may be on your mind.

This course is FREE for members or $59.00 for Non-Members ( what a STEAL for an AMAZING course! 🙂 )

To register just follow this link:   Cornerstone Dental Labs- The Advantages of Digital Impressions

Below are some photos from us videoing at Dr. Lally’s office.  🙂  

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3