Cornerstone Dental Labs is Looking Forward to a Sensational Spring 2016 Season!

Posted on: April 19th, 2016 by Cornerstone

The temperatures are (finally) slowly rising, lilacs and hyacinths are blooming, new trees are sprouting—it must be springtime! Here at Cornerstone Dental Labs, we look forward to the change in seasons, particularly the change from winter to spring!

We are especially looking forward to the spring 2016 season because we are not only traveling to Missouri at the end of April and visiting the Big Apple the first week of May, but we have a CE course coming up, and are visiting either Oklahoma or Kentucky in May! Plus, not only do we have a lot of traveling to do, but we also have some great specials for our clients!

Whether you are a current client of Cornerstone Dental Labs or are a potential client who has been considering our services for quite some time, it’s likely that you know we can both make dentures, as well as perform denture repairs. So, if you are interested in our dentures, you might be pleased to know that we are currently offering $25.00 off dentures. However, this special is only available for completes (flexibles or acrylic), set-ups, and finishes, and not custom trays or bite blocks. If you are interested in our $25.00 special, don’t feel afraid to reach out to us—even if you are a potential client.

If you are searching for something a bit stronger than e.Max crowns to provide to your patients this spring, you can consider KATANA™ Zirconia crowns. In fact, if you are interested in KATANA™ Zirconia for anything, you can acquire discs of it for $20.00 off. Not to mention, we are also offering free On-Board kits to help with shade matching, cementation, and prep.

KATANA Zirconia Special Cornerstone Dental Labs






There is no doubt that big things are happening for both the Cornerstone Dental Labs team this spring, and also for our clients! As always, we pledge to continue to offer excellent services throughout the rest of the season, and will be sure to have plenty of specials for our dentistry clients to take advantage of so that they can make it even easier for their patients to achieve the perfect smiles!

If you would like to hear more about what we are doing this spring, just follow us on Facebook, or fill out a contact form.



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