Dental Crown Lab

Dental Crown Companies

Dental crown companies are everywhere. We don’t pretend to ignore that. We are the dental crown lab trying to differentiate ourselves from what you know about dental crown companies. Cornerstone wants to be the dental crown lab that you can count on, the dental crown lab that you can call and feel comfortable with, the dental crown lab that is not another one of those dental crown companies but a partner in your practice. Cornerstone wants dental crown companies to want to be like us, we want to be a model from other dental crown companies to look to.

Dental Crown Companies

Relationships with our dentists and their patients are the most important thing to us as a lab. Trust, honesty and communication are the founding steps when it comes to developing a partnership between ourselves and the dentist. Cornerstone has yours and the patient’s best interests in mind when it comes to our products and coming up with a treatment plan that is reliable, affordable and aesthetic for the patient.

Continuing education for our technicians and dentists is something we are always working on. We believe that you can never stop learning. Our employees are trained bi-monthly, in order to best serve our dentists. We also educate ourselves on the ever changing products, techniques and materials. We want to be the first with on hand knowledge and experience of all things new in the dental field, so that way when the dentist asks, we are prepared to share our insight with the research we have done. Dentists are always looking to learn more and receive continuing education credits as well. We are always willing to host or partner with other companies to get our dentists what they are looking for in education, product and materials. Cornerstone loves to learn with the dentists, and everything quarter we host symposiums where the dentists can come wine and dine, but also educate themselves with our guest speaker and hosts and receive continuing education credits. It is a social and educational experience.

Cornerstone believes in quality, and we will not abandon that notion. We work on that through our own education, our training and our development of products. We want to back up the materials and products we are producing, so if our prices are smidge higher then what a dental company down the road is charging, think over what Cornerstone is offering, a top rated product like an emax crown, with quality materials, created by continuously educated technicians, that is guaranteed for life. What other lab can say that?