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Denture Repair Lab

We know that when it comes to removables, there are many dental crown companies to choose from. We like to think that we stand out when it comes to removables and dental labs. We love to have the opportunity to change someone’s smile with our resources.

Our technicians take pride in their work and it shows in your patient’s smile. We analyze the size of the jaw, the previous teeth and the wants and desires that the patient pictures for their brand new smile.

Denture Repair Companies

Equipped with different acrylics and materials to create the perfect gum shade match, along with the ability to order a variety of different denture teeth from normal plastic to porcelain, we are able to make the smile come to life. The fit and the function is our main priority, but the design and the creation of the smile is our pride.

We offer a variety of options, frameworks, acrylics, and flexible materials. If you have questions about the right type of material for your patient, our technicians are available for treatment plans to work through the expectations of the patient.

Denture Repair Service

We are also experienced pros at denture repairs, which have become something that is an art not just a science. With over 60 years of denture experience, there is not a denture repair our technicians located in PA cannot assist you with. If you are looking for a repair quickly, we are capable of handling denture repairs in Pennsylvania as well as all denture repair services in New Jersey. As one of the dental restoration companies and a denture repair lab located in Philadelphia area of PA, we are equipped to repair dentures in those surrounding areas in a minimum of 48 hours. Some dentures depending on the severity of the break or complication may need more time. Companies may claim they can do repairs without looking at the denture first, but we value our companies integrity and your patient’s time is valuable, as well as yours; if we don’t think it is repairable in the minimum time frame, or ever at all, we let you and the patient know upon our denture technician’s inspection of the case. The great news is our company offers a lifetime guarantee. What does this mean for you and your patient? If we cannot repair the denture; we replace it with a new one free of charge as long as you are a current customer. Let us be the denture lab for you. We have the skill and ability to fix dentures quickly to better serve your patient, no matter where your office is located.

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