With the investments that we continue to make in digital technology, Bio-Comp has the ability to design, print and mill your restorations. Now being a licensed seller of TRIOS, 3shape’s chair side oral scanner, we are better able to capture all advantages of the digital dental revolution.

Chair side Oral Scanner- the evolution of digital dentistry

For years you have heard about the digital dentistry revolution, and finally we have a solution for you. With our partnership with 3shape and the release of the Trios, it is more important now then ever for your lab to support you with the digital advancements that are being offered to you.

Are you tired of poor communication with your lab? Are you tired of the rising cost in impression material? Is extended chair time cutting into your profitability? With the Trios oral scanner we are able to create solutions for all of those issues.

With an impression taking digitally we are able to look at the impression while the patient is still in the chair.
(pic of tech looking at scan on the screen and pic of dr. scanning)

The Trios oral scanner is the only chair side oral scanner on the market that completely eliminates impression material. From a single unit to a full mouth implant restoration the Trios is able to accommodate every application.
*Please contact us if you would us to do on R.O.I. on your impression material cost.

With the Trios oral scanner we are able to receive the file within minutes of prepping any for seeable issues can be addressed before the patient leaves the chair. We are able to resolve unforeseen problems before the cost our dentist’s and/or their patient’s any valuable time.

Oral Scanner
Oral Scanner