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Oral Scanner Resaler & Distributor

Welcome to the future… Though we are able to hand wax and build crowns, Cornerstone Dental Labs has become a full digital design lab as well. What that means for you and your patients is accuracy, speed and efficiency, as well as an appealing and esthetically pleasing restoration. Our digital design department has grown and with that, we are able to complete more units and cases in a minimum number of days. After model work is poured, or your intra oral scan from your color oral scanner has been received, we are able to start the designing process. We scan the working model and antagonist model and situate the bite registration so we can begin designing the coping for the undercasting or the full contour crown. Once the design has been completed and we are happy with the esthetic results as well as functionality, we send the file either to the wax printer for porcelain fused to metal and e.max crowns, or to the mill for our full contour zirconia and layered zirconia crowns. From there, they follow the process of the lab whether to investment and casting, sintering, or pressing depending on the restoration. You can also be a part of the design process, not only with your instructions on the script provided, but as we design, we can share screens and communicate via phone or skype or 3shape communicate through your color oral scanner to make sure that restoration is exactly what you and your patient are expecting in the final result.

If you are interested in taking a leap into the future of digital dentistry, Cornerstone is an authorized oral scanner distributor and oral scanner resaler. With that, we are able to offer the best bang for your buck with an oral scanner distributor and color oral scanner pod resaler. There may have other resalers and distributors of the new color oral scanner pod you have been looking into or researching. As a resaler and distributor of 3shape trios, we are trained and ready to answer all of your questions with the knowledge that other resalers or distributors may not be equipped with. If you would like to talk and communicate your needs and want in a color oral scanner to one of our sales representatives how we can help with the overall costs of the oral color scanner and how to save money in your office by purchasing one from a trained and qualified resaler, please don’t hesitate and ask all the questions you have today!



Milling has never been this easy. Introducing Cad Blu Dental’s new line of 4 & 5 axis compact desktop milling systems, combining high-speed production and precision accuracy in a variety of compact and affordable tabletop units. Cad Blu Dental’s ezMILL is a professional and easy to use system that provides first class results to any size lab. Utilizing a variety of cutting edge features, the ezMILL is able to manufacture a variety of restoration types using a variety of available materials, including zirconium, acrylic and wax. CadBlu Dental CAM software features software.

CadBlu Dental CAM software features software

Fast and friendly nesting procedures allow you to organize and arrange your files any way you want. Not enough files to fill the disc? Mill half a disc and machine the remaining material later using the integrated disc management system. Quick and easy file and material selection. Completely open source and accepts all STL file types. On screen warnings are displayed immediately, letting you know when there might be a problem with part placement. Easily define your manufacturing parameters using easy to learn controls, pulling up pre-programmed machine strategies and settings for a wide range of materials and restoration types and sizes. The CadBlu Dental ezMILL Open Architecture Milling System is a simple-to-use milling system that offers best-in-class performance and capability, with one of the smallest footprints ever found in a milling unit. In conjunction with other CadBlu system components and software, the CadBlu Dental ezMILL Desktop Milling System offers dental lab owners a complete, integrated Dental Manufacturing System.

3D Systems’ DP 3000 Dental Professional 3-D Modeler
3D printer accurately, consistently and economically manufactures precision wax-ups for dental professionals. The system can generate hundreds of units each cycle. The wax-ups have a smooth surface finish and can be cast or pressed with conventional techniques. The modeler’s large build volume and optional part stacking and nesting capabilities enable unattended operation ideal for high-volume production.