What do Doctors consider a full service laboratory?

A laboratory that is full service should offer the following:
-Fixed Department
-Removable Department
-CAD/CAM Department
-Implant Division
-Ortho Options
-Ability to outsource

Who can use our services?
Our services always revolve around the best interest of the patient. Dentists and Oral Surgeons choose to partner with us, to get the best result for their patient. If you are a patient looking for a dentist or surgeon that parnters with our lab, please use our “FIND A DENTIST” option, by simply imputing your zipcode to find the closest dentist to you, that utilizes our services. If you need further assistance, please reach out, we are happy to help, or discuss with your current dentist the opportunity to partner with them.

What is our turn around time?
Our typical turn around time is 10 calendar days on ALL products. We strive to send all cases before that 10th day.

Is it possible to RUSH a case?
Rush cases are ALWAYS possible.
There is an additional fee for cases rushed 24 hr / 48hr / 72 hr…
Anything farther out then 3 days we will do our best to manufacture by the date requested.

What is our shipping procedure?
In order to make sure we meet our dentist’s due dates, we optimize our couriers to achieve delivering the case on the date it is due. Our goal is to avoid inconveniencing the office staff, and most importantly, the patient. In order to keep up with compliance, and make sure that we are carrying out our duties as a dependable and responsible dental lab, we do issue a processing fee on cases, however no shipping fee is charged.

Are materials FDA approved?
All materials are FDA approved. We pride ourselves our on products and materials, and want to make sure the patient is happy with their restoration, but also safe as well.

Where can I find your fee schedule?
We are always happy to provide a fee schedule through email or fax, but we do encourage new dentists and surgeons to call us and have a conversation to discuss how Cornerstone can help relieve frustrations they may currently be having, and to make sure you are comfortable and informed as you are making the decision to see if we are a partner to fit your practice.

Can I consult with technicians on cases?
Our technicians are willing and ready to take your calls! Case consulting is key in making sure we are following directions and that the final result is an expected result, not a surprise. We have several CDTs and MDTs on staff all specialized in different departments who would be pleased to take a call.

What is our remake policy?
Our products all have a lifetime guarantee.
Cornerstone dental labs are committed to providing outstanding products and services. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers we have a lifetime guarantee on most of our products. Our lifetime guarantee is extended to our current customers only. Cornerstone dental labs reserve the right to charge for the repairs or remake of any appliance returned to us that shows signs of alterations by others, misuse, and or abuse. We can not guarantee restorations such as mouth guards, repairs, implant parts or any changes to the original prescription.

If the impression is not suitable, but is insisted upon being used, the restoration will not qualify for our lifetime guarantee. All dental appliances are custom made and unfortunately can not be refunded, however a credit will be issued and applied to your account for any case with problems pertaining to our laboratory work.
The original case must be returned before a credit will be issued. In order for cases returned to be redone at no charge the cases must have the original appliance or restoration with the new impression. If a case is returned for a remake without the original appliance, we will charge your account, and once we receive the original appliance, we will credit the amount onto your account balance.