Have it YOUR way! Doctors Preferences in the Dental Lab

Posted on: September 23rd, 2015 by Cornerstone

Every doctor is an individual.

In the dental world, you may not prep exactly the same way as your colleagues and peers… Maybe you choose a feather edge margin prep. Or, perhaps you like your contacts to be tight or a crown out of occlusion, and your associates have an entirely different style and way they prefer their restorations.

How does your current dental lab, or how has your dental lab in the past adjusted for each dentist they provide for? Are you the one currently adjusting the restoration to make it fit your needs? 

Here at Cornerstone Dental Labs, we believe in “having it your way,” which means we discuss with our dentists, and potential dentists, his/her preferences or expectations for their fixed or removable dental restoration. Once preferences are discussed and established between our doctors and our CDTs and MDTS, you could be asking yourself “Now what?”

We like to be on the forefront of our cases, so once we have the preferences, we attach each preference to our products so that every time that product is entered, it pulls your preferences and prints it on the work ticket for our technicians to see and read. If you chose an alloy that you continuously use (unless otherwise indicated) and for some reason it was missed being written down on the RX, your preferences will help us from delaying your case because in circumstances with no preferences, a phone call would need to be made to confirm the material, and that would delay the production of the case. Any missing information will delay a case in production.

Our priority is to follow instructions as well as keep the production line moving, so that we can move cases along in a timely manner, or even subtract days from our typical turnaround time, which benefits you and your patients.

We aren’t foolproof by any means, and we are human, but we do try to limit as much human error as possible. Checks and balances are part of our standard operating procedure, but we think it is anything but “standard.

Another great addition to Cornerstone Dental Labs is our dental assistant we have in house and on staff. Our dental assistant has the knowledge to quality control everything that is arriving in the lab, as well as everything leaving the lab.

On the inbound cases, we are looking to make sure we have everything we need to proceed with the case with no delays. If we need something, it is caught the first day it arrives, unless it is a clearance issue that was not foreseen until the design stage. Our quality control is at the end of the production line, and it is to make sure all the preferences are met, the product matches the request on the written RX, and that it is functional as well as aesthetic.

These are just some of the things that may set us apart from your past or current dental labs. We want you to feel the customization that we believe you deserve for you the dentist as well as the patient in order to create a successful case and smile!