Our team consists of a variety of positions, from the first voice your hear on the line of the phone to the owner of the company. We have a customer relations department, a shipping and receiving department, a sales department, marketing department, and technicians who are friendly and eager to assist you with your needs.


We started small and now our lab, or like we refer to it, our family, is growing. Cornerstone was started twenty-five years ago and was the traditional hand-wax, cast, and build porcelain laboratory. Now, we have now taken it upon ourselves to use our knowledge, talent and expertise to dive into the digital dentistry revolution…

Cornerstone is one of the top labs in creating new smiles with brand new, easy and efficient technology.

Our doors are always open and we encourage dentists to come out and visit and explore our lab anytime!


Bucks County, Pennsylvania is where it all started. Working out of a small lab with just a handful of technicians, Bio-Comp Dental Labs was born. John P. Collins founded the lab, and created a small family based business. Through out the years as we grew, changes were made, including our name, where we evolved from Bio-Comp Dental Labs to Cornerstone Dental labs. At Cornerstone Dental Labs, with growth and time, we took on more cases from simple porcelain fused to metal crowns, removables and now we are able to create full mouth implant restorations. With our growth, we moved from Ivyland to Huntingdon Valley, where we are able to spread our wings. We have the space to create and grow and accommodate the work now that comes with expansion. Our lab is equipped with new and state of the art digital designing equipment, the highest in quality in processing dentures, and the cream of the crop CDTs and MDTs right here in the building. We are available to answer questions, create treatment plans and work side by side over the phone or through Skype with the patient in the chair when assistance is needed.

At Cornerstone, we believe in bringing dentists and patients into our family. We take care of you, as we would our own. We want to make sure that you are getting the best of the best, and we take pride in that feeling. We love working together to create beautiful smiles. We trust in our products that we provide for you and your patients, with that being said, we offer lifetime guarantees on most of our restorations.

We want you and your patient to be comfortable and confident in the restoration that we design and fabricate and deliver to your office. Cornerstone Dental Labs is here for your needs and your patients, please let us know how we can assist in consistently making smiles with you.



Here are Cornerstone Dental Lab we know that the most valued and irreplaceable asset that all of us possess is time. When it comes to a dental restoration; your chair time, your patient’s time and our lab time are essential. We want these components to move as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We want this not only to keep our turnaround times competitive in the market, but because we believe each day should be lived with the big picture in mind; striving to be the best person we can be and to help lift those around us to do the same. Keeping these principles in mind, I ask my team to follow the golden rule of treating every patient as they would want to be treated. Here are our CORE values:

We D.I.G for efficiency:

D- Dignify others- Treat others as you want to be treated. This increases respect and feelings of unity. When we honor this, together we work faster and more efficient.

I- Integrity- Be honest and truthful. Doing this leads to taking ownership for our actions. This ownership leads to trust and confidence in each other. When we have trust, together we work faster and more efficient.

G- Generosity- Giving others our time and attention without expecting anything in return is never a waste of our time. We have built a team by sharing our collective resources, experiences, and work together to problem solve. By giving, we are able to work faster and more efficient.

These CORE values cannot just be internal at Cornerstone Dental Lab. The complete success with our patients comes with the hope that our clients believe in this too.

Can you D.I.G it?