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Dental Implants for Dentists

Our doctors are taught streamlining the implant process is key to overall success.    Some dental restoration labs are looking to charge the maximum for dental implants for dentists. Cornerstone does not want to be one of those dental restoration labs. Cornerstone wants to work dental restoration companies so that we can provide the best dental implants for dentists. Cornerstone wants to be known for making dental restoration companies easy to work with and provide the best product, made custom to the patient’s mouth to create the ideal aesthetic and functional replacement for their natural tooth.

Dental Implant Companies

At Cornerstone the only resource we could need for your implant is the impression, impression coping and/or analog. The Cornerstone diff­erence gives us the ability to have unlimited limitations that CAD/CAM design allows us through our implant supported dental restorations. With our dental implants we are able to pour up a soft tissue model using your implant impression coping and/or analog to scan and design custom milled dental implant abutments out of titanium or zirconia for a ‑at fee. No longer are the days of dental laboratories taking advantage of every charge available to you on your dental implant invoice. We are consistently experiencing growth in our implant department.

Dental Restoration Labs

Cornerstone is determined to be the dental implant lab that changes design, production, and delivery to better suit the patient and the dentist.  Cornerstone is working hard and diligently to be the dental implant lab that dentists are talking about to their patients and colleagues; about how we are changing the way dental restorations are done. We are looking at implant companies and seeing how was can change things for the better. Cornerstone wants the dentist to be confident in the abutment design.  With the newest innovations that are coming out, dentists will be able to communicate with the technicians as they are designing the abutments, that way we know that it will be exactly what the doctor ordered for that specific patient, customized like never before.

With these techniques we are have been able to dramatically give implant dental restorations the cost savings needed to allow our clients to prescribe implants where patients could never a­fford them before.

Dr. Granado’s Implant

Dr. Granados of Newtown, PA has his associate Dr. Romero place implant abutments custom designed and milled by Cornerstone Dental Labs, along with the addition of the crowns on top of the abutments while using the 3shape TRIOS oral scanner.

dental implant companies