katana aesthetic zirconia
aesthetic zirconia crowns

Katana Zirconia Crowns


Zirconia has been a choice restoration for posterior crowns since the
decline in the demand for alloy based restorations…but the zirconia
that has been manufactured was aesthetic enough for an anterior region.
With that information, manufacturers have been developing a way to fill
the need for this, and now we are able to introduce aesthetic zirconia,
Katana™ zirconia.

Katana™ aesthetic zirconia is manufactured by one of the top porcelain
companies in the world, Noritake. What is amazing about this
aesthetic zirconia by Katana™ is the highly aesthetic results it can produce.
The Katana™ zirconia disc is multi-layered which helps achieve a natural
tooth appearance.

Katana™ zirconia has incredible strength (1200mpa), and still has a
translucency like no other, getting impeccable results and has an
advantage as a full contour zirconia crown versus a porcelain fused
restoration. Katana™ contains an enamel layer, a first transition layer,
a second transition layer, and finally a body layer. This leaves no issues
while adjusting the crown, whereas a typical zirconia crown, that are dipped
and stained, the shade could easily be removed while adjusting with a bur.

A special addition to your first Katana™ zirconia crown case is our
ON-BOARD kit, which arrives with each first case of Katana™ zirconia.
Our ON-BOARD kit includes a prep guide, cementation guide, and
a step by step direction of how to download an exclusive app
onto your iphone or droid for custom shade matching for your patient.