MOM n PA Dental Mission

Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by Cornerstone


I once read this quote…I am not sure who it is by, but it really speaks for the event we were lucky to be a part of … ” Kindness, one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another. If someone is in need, lend them a helping hand. Do no wait for a thank you. True kindness lies within the act of giving without the expectation of something in return.” Every year the MOM n PA Dental Mission has a free dental clinic in Pennsylvania.  People all over come for these free services, and we are only able to get to 1000 patients a day, for the 2 day event.  You can see the need of these people, and your heart just fills when you are able to give them relief from pain, the joy of a cleaning, or the absolute excitement and awe at being able to smile confidently with a denture.  The best part of this mission is seeing the gratefulness from these people.  Being able to see the complete turn around of not being able to smile at all, to delivering the denture and getting the tears in their eyes and smiles as big as the sun makes it ALL worth while. Dentists, hygienists, volunteers, and dental labs all come together for one common goal and that is to help those who don’t have the ability to seek out dental treatment because of the costs.  People line up and wait overnight in line just to get in the following day, and it’s not for the newest electronics…It is just to have dental care.  It is amazing.

Cornerstone was able to provide a number of flippers and partial dentures for patients.  Friday, the first day, we brought back cases to the lab to do overnight that were too complicated to do there on the spot in Allentown.  We were able to finish them and deliver them to the patient’s the following morning back at the fairgrounds.  We also had a technician there all day Saturday creating flippers in just a matter of hours, along with repairs to dentures for patients.  The way the dental community works together in order to produce this event is astounding.  It takes the whole year to prepare for this. And hopefully with more volunteers, dentists, surgeons, nurses, students and labs, we will be able to accomplish more then the 1000 patients in a day, or add an extra day for the event to accommodate more patients.  Whatever we can do, Cornerstone was blessed to be a part of last years, this years and future years to come.  We love being able to bring smiles to peoples faces.

Take a look at the photos, our friend Dr. David Burt working hard, and the lovely smiles we were able to help create!  Looking forward to NEXT year!