Pennsylvania Prosthodontist Association Annual Meeting – June 2014

Posted on: June 6th, 2014 by Cornerstone

There is nothing like waking up in State college to a sunny day!  The air is warm, the sun is shining and we are ready to take on the PPA’s annual meeting.  This is an exceptional weekend, filled not only with great weather, great speakers, and education, but there are great leisurely activities set up as well.

What a great start to the morning with a discussion called “Build your Team” by the great former coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Dick Vermeil.  If anyone can be motivational, it is definitely and NFL football coach of one of the roughest and toughest teams from losing the playoffs with words and dedication.  What struck us in this talk of bonding, rapport and motivation, was when Coach Vermeil said “you have to move COMMIT from HEAD, to HEART.”  And it is true.  To say you are going to commit in your head is easy, but bringing it to your heart makes you move forward and become passionate about what you are doing… We feel like this advice is great and we are going to bring it back to our team, spread the word and share it with our dentists as well. Anyone can use this as motivation in many aspects of their life. It was a genuine feel good start to the rest of the day.  And let’s be honest, as EAGLES fans, that was just AWESOME.  E-A-G-L-E-S—EAGLES!

Next in our day we were a part of Dr. Dean Vafiadis’s session called “CAD/CAM Dentistry for Private Practice Implants, Aesthetics and Occlusion.” The objective here was to learn and see in real time CAD/CAD crowns and veneers, abutments and restorations, aesthetic smile design and Intra-oral scanning. We here at Cornerstone were happy to be a part of this, as an authorized retailer of the 3shape Trios, we were hands on with showing the differences between traditional and digital and all the aspects of the 3 shape Trios and how it is advanced and beneficial for a practice looking to move forward with digital dentistry. We were also able to assist Dr. Vafiadis in the presentation of what happens after the oral scan has been taken and sent to the dental laboratory.  The communication that we are able to have between dentist and lab with this equipment really is phenomenal. We are able to design and check back and forth about cases with the dentist in real time through programs like 3shape Communicate. Dr. Vafiadis has been treating patients with digital dentistry, using the 3shape Trios and teaching and educating the dental community on the new technologies and advancements.  We are happy and willing to be a part of changing the dental restorations and making it easy, fast and accurate for the dentist and patient. The patient is not only the dentist’s first priority, but ours as well.

The day went according to plan, and everyone was extremely intrigued by Dr. Vafiadis and Cornerstone’s presence here at the Pennsylvania Prosthodontist Association’s annual meeting. We feel accomplished in what we are doing and sharing with the dental industry. We are excited to move onto the next part of the day- Vertical Dimension of Occlusion…

Tonight should be very relaxed and enjoyable, meeting and greeting people who share a passion like we do for the every growing and expanding digital technology in our dental community.