Dr. Robbin Crammer
Blue Bell, PA

Dr. William Cummings
Avondale, PA

Dr. John Granados
Blue Bell, PA

Dr. Neil Dispirito
Huntingdon Valley, PA

Dr. Michael Jefferson
Turnersville, NJ


-“I’m going to tell my girlfriend who is doing her residency at Christian Hospital out here to use your services. They are having the hardest time finding a good “go-to” dental laboratory.” – Dr. John Mark Burney

-“Blue Diamond Dental is happy with the removable denture you provided us. Suction was amazing. The whole case was a success. Thank you very much for working with me and being so available.” –Blue Diamond Dental

-“The case went terrific…not good…Terrific!” – Dr. Alan Barr, Stamford, CT – Stamford Smile

-“I could be a spokesperson for Cornerstone! You know how much I appreciate the relationship you and I have built. Well, I’m ready to start sending love letters to Andy for the crowns I have been getting! The margins are routinely right, as well as contacts.” – Dr. Schwartz, Millville, NJ

“Dental Lifeline network is appreciated of our donated dental services and thankful for giving Anthony Gudalewsky a reason to smile.”

-“Crowns #7-10 & 20 worked out beautifully, with minimal adjustment. Thank you for the excellent restorations.”  –Sincerely, Richard J. Nelson, DDS., Pittsburgh PA 15237

 – “Hi Jay, I just wanted to compliment your technicians on the crowns we have been receiving … Great Job!”Dr. David Bruns from A­ffordable Dentures Lafayette Indiana, – Says the 2 Flexi partials he did with Cornerstone Dental Labs are “beautiful. The patient was extremely happy, and the entire staff­ were ecstatic with the cases” – Dr. Anne Sy from Rensselaer, IN

Dr. John Ti­ffany at Dawson Dental after his first placement- Said he had very minimal adjusting, and “I never heard of a lab that takes the time to call and discuss my own personal preferences. I’ll be sending you the vast majority of my work now.”

Angel King, Office Manager– “Crowns Look Wonderful, Very Esthetic. He Appreciates the lack of bulk and lack of occlusion. Nothing he hates more than having to adjust occlusion. So far crowns have been good. Patients hate bulky crowns and these look like real teeth.”

Dr. Elaine Stefanowicz, Philadelphia, PA– “I am very happy with your lab, quality people, you all are top notch!”

Dr. John Wadas, Munster, IN– “ You’re doing a great job. Crowns come back beautiful!” (March 2013)

Gentle Dental Blue Bell, Blue Bell, PA– “Beautiful case for our patient with anterior zirconia crowns!”

Dr. Faust, Yardley, PA– “Patient loved her ‘snap on smile’, I didn’t have to adjust it and she looked in the mirror and cried.”

Dr. Colitz, Crown Point, IN– “The 3 recent cases were sensational!”

Dr. Sokol, Collegeville, PA– “The cases fit perfectly.”

Dr. Negrelli, Crown Point, IN “ I love your lab…you always stay consistent”

Dr. Andy Shore, Norwood, PA-“You guys do great work!”

Dr. Blumenthal, Dental Solutions– “Thanks so much for the help today with the cases. The crowns fit beautifully, the patient was extremely happy and I didn’t have to touch them, just unbelievable and thanks to the great workmanship with the guys in the lab.”