Upgrade Smiles With Feldspathic Veneers

Posted on: December 16th, 2020 by Cornerstone

Long before pressed veneers gained popularity for their ability to beautify smiles, Feldspathic veneers were the solution for those seeking to rejuvenate their teeth. Feldspathic veneers are considered a mastercraft in dentistry for the painstaking processes needed during manufacture. Handcrafted and customized to each individual, Feldspathic veneers offer unique advantages over more commonly used pressed veneers.

As an established and respected dental lab in Philadelphia, PA, and the region, Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprises, Inc. prides itself on providing high-quality solutions to dentists and their patients. We strive to deliver a customer-driven approach to providing your practice with the tools needed to treat your patients successfully.

Here we will discuss the history, construction, and benefits of using Feldspathic veneers:

History and Usage

At the beginning of the 1980s, masters in the craft of dentistry sought to develop a long-lasting, biocompatible, attractive solution for those seeking to correct cosmetic and dental issues. Feldspathic veneers became an increasingly popular treatment for patients. They offered a minimal preparation dental correction option that could be catered to individuals on a large scale.

With Feldspathic porcelain, each facade is crafted by hand using an intensive process to create highly personalized and realistic veneers. Yet, with the advent of computer-aided manufacturing processes, the art of Feldspathic veneer creation has faded in importance.

The Creative Process

The process of Feldspathic veneer creation begins with the intricate layering of sodium dioxide with liquid components. Sodium dioxide naturally contains elements such as potassium and, of course, sodium. When correctly combined with certain metals, zirconia, and alumina, the resulting product is referred to as feldspar porcelain. Highly desired due to its resemblance to natural teeth, feldspar porcelain remains the epitome of veneer construction.

Through an intensive layering and firing process, the utilization of platinum foils, and refractory dyes, a dental craftsman constructs Feldspathic veneers. Platinum is used in the smelting process as it will not melt in the oven and prevents the porcelain from shrinking or warping. The components and processes used to create a translucent and finish quality remarkably similar to natural teeth. Many dental experts ascertain feldspar porcelain veneers are indistinguishable from the real thing.

As previously mentioned, computer-assisted manufacturing has overtaken traditional dental construction techniques as it offers a fast and efficient supply solution to the increasing demand for veneers. Although these new technologies also provide benefits to veneer construction, they often lack the lifelike appearance of Feldspathic porcelain. The art of delicately layering and firing porcelain components with the platinum foil technique is slowly being lost as a craft. Cornerstone is one of the remaining laboratories that still offer Feldspathic veneers. Our master creators work diligently to create an extremely thin body that is as close to possible to the look of natural teeth. For patients seeking a minimally invasive, aesthetically attractive, and long-lasting solution for dental issues, Feldspathic veneers are the superior choice.

Advantages of Feldspathic Veneers

There are unique advantages to Feldspathic veneers. First and foremost, the natural appearance of Feldspathic veneers is unparalleled in comparison to computer-assisted pressed veneers. The result is a highly aesthetic and lifelike veneer. When patients are in pursuit of the most realistic option for their dental procedures, Feldspathic veneers are the obvious choice.

The handcrafting of Feldspathic porcelain allows for the creation of veneers with a thickness of less than 0.5mm, which can then be further refined to 0.3mm. This gives dentists the ability to offer veneers with minimal preparation. You will be able to assure your patients that their natural teeth will not need to be significantly altered to fit the veneers.

With the advent of mass-produced veneers, the craft of Feldspathic porcelain has become a dying art. Yet, as a leading dental lab in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas, Cornerstone still offers this high-quality product to fill the needs of your patients. With three skilled artisans on staff, Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprises, Inc. and Broadway Dental are the premier sources for Feldspathic veneers. For more information about our handcrafted Feldspathic veneers, contact our team today!