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Emax Ceramic Crown

With the rising costs of alloys and the financial pressure of some insurance companies, many clients are switching to the all-ceramic restoration. Cornerstone is the dental crown lab with the advancements in the all-ceramic department, where the applications are becoming limitless…and our client’s favorite part, a flat rate.

Emax is the ever popular restoration for the anterior region. It gives the strength, aesthetics and the flat rate that is needed as alloy prices are rising and varying constantly.

The emax crown is a ceramic restoration that was created by a company called Ivoclar Vivadent, who we have a great relationship with. Ivoclar Vivadent has produced and provided tools for us as a lab to create a great porcelain ceramic crown. Emax has the ability to look like a natural tooth, with the provided stump shade and porcelain shade desired, we are able to create an aesthetically ideal crown through the power and strength of a pressed emax crown.

Emax Porcelain Crown

If you are looking for something a little above and beyond a full contour emax crown, we also have the ability to do a cut-back restoration, where we use an emax ingot for the base and then stack porcelain on top, giving a beautiful and lively ceramic restoration. If you have a posterior tooth, and you are looking for something a little more durable, the all porcelain emax ceramic crown may not be the option for you. We also offer a full contour zirconia ceramic crown, which is not as aesthetic, but for the posterior, it is strong and reliable for patients who are having grinding and clenching issues.

Whatever your choice we are here for you. We can talk about the options and find what fits best for you and your patients, not only aesthetically but financially as well.

Pressed emax crown with zirconia core

This video takes you from beginning to end of the process of a pressed e.max crown over a milled zirconia core. The best of both worlds are combined with the beauty and aesthetics of the e.max crown as well as the undeniable strength from the zirconia core.


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