Here at Cornerstone Dental Labs, we understand that dentist’s need a lab that can make sure that all of their needs are taken care of, which is why both of our divisions are full service labs. Our job is to marry the right technician, the right technology, the right material and the right technique. Dental crowns are the most common dental restoration.

Many labs just make dental crowns. With us we create dental crowns that are worthy of a lifetime guarantee.

With all the dental crown restorations we offer, from the traditional PFM to the all ceramic crown, we have had a rise in our demands for the Emax all porcelain restoration. With the escalating technology available to create Emax crowns, it will continue to grow rapidly as a choice restoration among dentists. Emax covers an entire field of suggestions ranging from anterior restorations, such as Emax veneers to the more complex restoration such as implant supported Emax crowns and two or more unit bridges. Not only Emax is highly aesthetic but the strength is undeniable for an all porcelain restoration. With the high prices of alloy constantly changing, the Emax crown offers the ability of a flat fee.

With the Emax crown dentist’s will no longer have to face limitations that have been experienced in the past when it comes to cost, aesthetics, whether or not the crown will bond/cement to a prep. It will also give confidence to the patient and dentist that the Emax crown will be risk free when it comes to patient’s allergies to alloy.

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