Cornerstone Dental Labs
is excited and honored
to be an Affinity program
selected dental lab!

Cornerstone Dental Labs is privileged to be chosen as an AGD Affinity program dental laboratory. Cornerstone has been in the dental industry for over twenty-five years, and like most labs, it was family based, until we grew into what we are today, adding friendly faces along the way.

Continuing education and researching the newest developments and advancements in dental restorations is something Cornerstone takes pride in. Cornerstone is eager to learn and share knowledge with our doctors in order to advance ourselves in the dental field. Our full service lab is able to handle the most simple fixed cases to complex removables and implant supported restorations.  We have accomplished and qualified CDTs and MDTs analyze, design and fabricate your restorations, and communicate any issues with the case or treatment plan they may have.

Cornerstone believes in the work that we create, so we have something most other labs don’t… A lifetime guarantee. If you have a dental restoration that your patient should happen to break, fracture or have an unfortunate accident, we will replace that restoration- FREE of charge.

Cornerstone is always looking to develop and pursue new relationships with dentists and their patients. Cornerstone is looking forward to the opportunity of working with AGD dentists and provide them with benefits and options that other labs may not be able to offer, help them with continuing their education, and encouraging them to test and trial new advancements in digital dentistry.