Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprises, Inc. is now a proud affiliate of SmileSnap!

Looking to improve marketing for your dental practice?

Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprises, Inc. is now an affiliate of SmileSnap. SmileSnap is a rapidly growing technology company that is helping dentists grow their practice through creating innovative customer experiences. SmileSnap is the solution to you consistently capturing leads and empowering your patients to seek treatment conveniently. 

Enable your website to work around the clock for you! By embedded just a simple piece of code into your website, visitors to your site will now be able to submit information directly to your team via a secure portal. They can upload photos, relevant health information, and answer critical questions that help you discern a treatment. 

A point-person from your team can manage leads as they come in. Helping you to create that crucial, first point of contact with a customer. You can read more about their software here:

If you sign-up, make sure to use our affiliate code: CSDL0321 and get your first month free! 

As a company that values its customers, we don’t just endorse any product or service. We need to believe in what we promote and that it’ll add value to our customer’s lives. When we were introduced to SmileSnap’s software, we jumped at the chance to partner with them! With the rapid changes in our industry, creating a premium patient experience is how dentists can help themselves stand out from their competition. Investing in SmileSnap is the right choice for you and your practice!