Lifetime Guarantee

lifetimeguar-titleLifetime Guarantee

The Lifetime Guarantee Card

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Every one of our doctors who has rescued a patient from a bad decision such as chewing on a marble, chipping on a beer bottle, or dropping a partial in a garbage disposal has reported to us a tremendous increase of referrals from that patient.

Return Rate
For our restorations to last a lifetime, we strongly recommend that our doctors require their patients to come for their two annual hygienists visits. Doctors who have exercised this suggestion have reported a signifi¬cant increase in the return rate of their patients.

Higher Profits
Whether your patient is taking advantage of their insurance coverage or is fee for service, most will gladly pay out of pocket for access to our lifetime guarantee. The majority of these premiums will stay right in your practice.

New Patients
Many of our doctors have started utilizing our lifetime guarantee in their advertising campaigns. Our lifetime guarantee has been included in print ads, websites and making sure that their search engine optimization captures the patient out there looking for an extended guarantee on their dental work.

Top 10 Ways Cornerstone Doctors
Use Our Lifetime Guarantee

1. Some doctors use our Lifetime Guarantee as a referral tool,
“I’ll cover this for you, if you can refer 3-5 new patients to me.”

2. Many doctors use a Corporate Referral Strategy.
“Please mention our Lifetime Guarantee to your co-workers since we honor your insurance.”

3. Many doctors use our Lifetime Guarantee to take care of a favorite patient or help someone in need.

4. Some doctors do not share our Lifetime Guarantee with their patients and use it for their own benefit thereby ensuring a profit if a problem is encountered.

5. Some doctors introduce our Lifetime Guarantee by sharing about other clients that have benefited from having this option.

6. Many doctors have an “Ask about our Lifetime Guarantee” displayed in their offices.

7. Doctors often place our Lifetime Guarantee Starburst on their reminder cards.

8. Many doctors make “Using Our Lifetime Guarantee” an integral part of their website and their SEO campaign.

9. Doctors tell us that when offered our Lifetime Guarantee as an option, patients gladly pay a premium for that security.

10. Most doctors require 2 annual visits to keep the Lifetime Guarantee active. As a result their hygienists are kept busier.