Dental Surgical Guides

Cornerstone Dental Labs now has the ability to increase the predictability and success of dental implant abutment placing though the technology developed by 360imaging. The dental field is ever growing and expanding in the development of advanced technology, and to really have a predictable implant, we need a tutorial and guide in order to do that.
360imaging is taking the dental world by storm. 360 imaging has created and advanced implant guides that are customized through a dental design tutorial which determines accurate surgical drilling and dental implant placement. The surgical guide tutorial is compelling, allowing the surgical guide to take the CT/X-Ray and design a guide to account for and fit to the patient’s teeth, bones, and tissues, all while allowing flexibility and determining the vessels and resilience of the gum tissue.

What is Guided Surgery?

Dental Implant Surgical Tutorial

Guided implant surgery allows the dentist to virtually diagnose patients and plan implant cases in a 3D tutorial. Doctors are then able to accurately transfer those virtual plans to the patient’s mouth using an implant surgical guide made from 3D printing technology.

Currently 135,000 dental implant cases are done annually using computer guided surgery.


  • Safe
  • Accurate
  • Predictable
  • Higher Success Rate
  • Less Chair Time
  • Faster patient recovery time

How do I to get started?

Send Cornerstone the following items:

  • Traditional impression or digital intraoral scan
  • Oral CT Scan

After receiving the files and/or impressions, Cornerstone Dental Lab will create a treatment plan in-house, or if you prefer, you may provide the treatment plan yourself.

After the Treatment Plan:

Once the cases have received a treatment planned, Cornerstone Dental Lab will finalize the case with you for the optimum implant surgical guide.

Your dental practice will receive the following items prior to surgery.

  • Custom surgical guide based off any surgical kit on the market
  • Drill protocol sheet customized to the surgical kit being used
  • Print report, a detailed summary of the entire case with pictures

After the dental surgery, take a final impression (traditional or digital oral scan) and send it to Cornerstone Dental Lab to receive your patient’s permanent dental implant restoration such as a crown, bridge, over-denture and more.