Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprises, Inc. is now a SmileSnap Affiliate

Posted on: January 7th, 2020 by Melissa Newman

Cornerstone Bio-Comp Enterprises, Inc. is now an affiliate of SmileSnap. SmileSnap is a rapidly growing technology company that is helping dentists grow their practice through creating innovative customer experiences. SmileSnap is the solution to you consistently capturing leads and empowering your patients to seek treatment conveniently. 

Enable your website to work around the clock for you! By embedding just, a simple piece of code into your website, visitors to your site will now be able to submit information directly to your team via a secure portal. They can upload photos, relevant health information, and answer critical questions that help you discern a treatment. 

A point-person from your team can manage leads as they come in. Helping you to create that crucial, first point of contact with a customer. You can read more about their software here:

If you sign-up, make sure to use our affiliate code: CSDL0321 and get your first month free! 

Investing in SmileSnap is the right choice for you and your practice! Today’s consumers are different than previous generations. They feel empowered in their purchase decision, will take the time to educate themselves before making a choice, and are not brand loyal. If they think they can get a better customer experience somewhere else, they won’t think twice about jumping ship to the next best thing. 

As a dentist – how can you set yourself apart from your peers when trying to sustain your current customers, while prospecting for new ones? The short answer: provide an exceptional patient experience. What consumers want today is convenience, ease of use, and to feel like their needs are being proactively meet – and they’re not afraid to pay a premiere to get it. 

So, where should you start? A current trend that is influencing dental offices is creating a spa-like experience for patients. Dentists are spending significant amounts of money to provide their patients with Netflix subscriptions, weighted blankets for anxiety in the chair, and aromatherapy scented towels. While there are multiple reasons why investing in patient comfort is a good idea that yields a high return, we believe that there are more practical and cost-effective methods for making a good impression on current or potential prospects. 

That’s why we believe in SmileSnap. As Dental Lab, who has cultivated a brand built on innovation and forward-thinking, we are always looking for new ways to improve how we support our clients in providing the best possible experience for their patients. When SmileSnap approached us about becoming an affiliate, we jumped at the opportunity, and for some of the reasons that their CEO, Greg Pellogrom mentioned below: 

“The patient benefits of convenience and transparency are obvious, but what about the provider? Here are some benefits to consider for your dental or specialty practice:

  • Increase access to patients searching for dental services online
  • Improve patient engagement by providing meaningful information
  • Filter out “price shoppers” before wasting valuable office time
  • Direct phone request for pricing to a smile assessment
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts before they look elsewhere
  • Service rural areas more effectively
  • Preview a patient case to eliminate surprises
  • Re-engage with “No-Show” consultations
  • Shorten the time of an office consultation
  • Differentiate your practice.”

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit their website at or you can read their post on “The Art of Online Assessment.”