Cornerstone Cares – 5 Things That Make Our Dental Lab Unique

Posted on: September 23rd, 2019 by Dave Grove
Our Director of Sales & Client Relations, Dave Grove, at his desk reading his notes.

Did you know that Cornerstone Dental Labs has been in business for thirty years? As a family-owned and operated business, we’ve grown from humble beginnings as a dental lab. Starting with only five employees and a strong sense of determination to provide the best quality restorations for our clients. This strong sense of commitment to providing unmatched value has grown our team to thirty-three full-time employees with a current client roster of over 400 dentists from a variety of treatment settings (clinics, corporate dentistry, private practices) over the United States. 

As the Director of Sales and Client Relations, I spend a significant amount of my time on the road meeting with current clients and networking with potential new ones. While it is a well-known fact that the number of dental labs in the U.S. is shrinking with roughly 7,042 labs in the U.S. according to the Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, we don’t take comfort in and relax at the thought of less competition. For us, our dental lab has always focused on five key pillars when serving our clients. For Cornerstone Dental Labs it’s about nurturing a relationship, so we can support you in providing an exceptional patient experience and earn your trust as well as your business. I’m constantly asked by new clients, “What makes our dental lab unique?” Always an excellent question, so I’m happy to share five things that make our dental lab unique below: 

We put patients first – when we create our restorations it’s not just about fulfilling an order, but about the patient’s experience. We know that our products will support their treatment plan created to meet their unique goals and aspirations. We want to install a sense of comfort and confidence when they use our products because we know that they will be a part of some of their biggest milestones. 

We’re a full-service dental lab – while some dental labs might focus on one specialty: removables or implants, for example, we are a full-service dental lab. Our strength is that we can provide our customers with many options. From materials from which our products are made, turnaround time, and price point. It’s really important that we don’t turn anyone away due to economic reasons. We always look at the entire picture to devise the best possible solution for our customers. 

We use the latest technology – digital technology has completely changed the way that dental labs operate. Due to technology that we currently have in place at our lab, we can reduce turnaround timelines, chair-side time for our doctors, and improve the accuracy of restorations made. We are always looking for new technology to utilize in our workflows with our staff to continually improve the process with which we deliver our products and services. 

We’re committed to communication – we pride ourselves on always providing consistent communication with our clients. From chair-side assistance, consult on complex cases, support throughout order fulfillment, and follow-up. We take a proactive approach, so you are never left in the dark. We offer multiple channels email, phone, or through our portal, so you can get questions answered promptly in a method that you prefer. 

We have an effective sales process – we’re not focused on filling a quota. Our sales process at Cornerstone Dental Labs is unique in that we focus on finding out our customer’s unique goals and aspirations. And we formulate a plan that delivers a custom solution that fits your needs and the needs of your patient. We have clients that have worked with us for over eighteen years, because we think about the long-term relationship and not just getting another case. 

At Cornerstone Dental Labs, “consistently making smiles,” is not just a marketing tagline, but the foundation from which is lead as a company. Our Certified Dental Technicians have over 35 years of experience and use the latest technology to create quality restorations that install confidence in every patient. Helping you deliver patient satisfaction every time. Now that you know what makes us unique and sets us apart from other dental labs: please feel free to email me directly at for any questions that you may have about our lab. We’d love to hear from you!

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