Cornerstone Dental Labs Team Finds Success at Recent Bloomsburg University Career Fair

Posted on: November 13th, 2015 by Cornerstone

A lot of people think that job/career fairs are not worth it anymore and that they are a thing of the past. Well, here at Cornerstone Dental Labs, we look at them as worthwhile (especially college career fairs) because it gives us the chance to help college students prep for real life by offering them internships.

So, that is exactly what a couple of us did on a gorgeous and sunny fall day this November.

Jay Collins, owner of the company, and April Striano, our Director of Marketing, hit the road and drove to Bloomsburg University to find two exclusive candidates/summer interns to join our team next summer (who we will actually be calling back the week of November 16!)

What’s more, while we only had a sales and marketing internship available, we are happy to say that we got an extensive list of applicants.

So, what this tells us is that job/career fairs are worth it. They are worth it for us to attend, and they are worth it for college students and job seekers to attend. Plus, we now have the chance to pick from a variety of candidates who are also interested in us, just as much as we are in finding interns!

While college career fairs are a great opportunity to find a summer internship, they also help applicants build up their confidence.

For a lot of college students, a job fair is the first time that they will face employers. And, whether or not they do get that job or internship, they might find themselves feeling a little bit more at ease when they sit in on their first one-on-one interview.

In the end, there are tons of reasons and benefits to attending a job fair. In fact, the two people that we choose will certainly see how it was worth their while when they are interning with us next summer!