Are your dental materials FDA approved?

Posted on: February 23rd, 2012 by Cornerstone

All of our dental materials are FDA approved which means that the manufacturer obtained 510K clearances for the dental materials. We provide Identalloy Stickers with every case containing alloy. A comprehensive listing of every material used in our lab can be found here on the Materials page. Identalloy makes it easy for our business to meet your professional, legal and patient responsibilities by providing a FREE, easy-to-use system for keeping track of the casting alloys you use. A sticker identifying the manufacturer’s name, brand name and composition of the alloy, and a symbol which helps you properly code insurance forms will be affixed to the lab invoice returned to you with the case. All you need to do is file the invoice in your patients file. Now it is easy to document the alloy used for every case every time, and with all our product material information printed on Cornerstone Dental Labs’ invoice… you are completely documented!