DDX & E4D Files – Files Accepted

DDX files
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Cornerstone Dental Labs wants to deliver quality products to both the dentist and the patient.
At Cornerstone, we believe in bringing dentists and patients into our family. We take care of you, as we would our own. We want to make sure that you are getting the best of the best, and we take pride in that feeling. We strive to not only perform at our best, but to serve as a leader in innovative treatment methods with the goal of maximizing your product and service offerings. We love working together to create beautiful smiles. We trust in our products that we provide for you and your patients, with that being said, an added benefit to you and your patients is our lifetime guarantee on our products.

With the ability to accept DDX files, we are eliminating errors and omissions that sometimes occur on a hand written RX. With the ability to upload your digital case and stream it directly to us we are able to decrease the production time. No more multiple steps, emails, or files… You click submit and we receive the case and begin production on that patient’s restoration.

There are a variety of digital scanners on the market today. With the ability to accept DDX files, .stl files, and E4d files are uploaded and sent to us as soon as you scan the patient’s mouth. The E4d files are as easily transmittable as is any other digital file that we can receive. The benefit of the E4d files is that you are able to design the restorations yourself or have us design the restoration for you and we can handle the E4d file from scan to finish. Being able to accept DDX E4D digital files is a great opportunity for us to expand and reach out to clients who were looking for a lab who could handle their complex cases as well as their simple ones. From simple one unit cases to extensive full mouth reconstructions, pfm, all porcelain and implants, we can accept these types of digital files. We take pride in our work, and want to work with the dentist and staff while designing and fabricating restorations, so that expectations are met, preferences are referred to and the product is what you are hoping for.

If you have questions about certain types of files or cases we can accept,
please contact our Digital Manager,

Drew Foster at dfoster@cornerstonedl.com.

He will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in setting up the ability to send and receive DDX files