Mid-West Madness: The 1800 mile Tour

Posted on: July 3rd, 2014 by Cornerstone



The week of June 23rd, Jay the owner and Dave the Sale Director set out on a week- long mid-west journey…  We were actually placing bets on who wouldn’t come back after being in a car that long (kidding, they have a great friendship) and now they are back to tell us of tales of the great Mid-West.

  We believe that relationships and connections are a huge part of our company, so we try and make it around the nation to visit all of our dentists and their offices throughout the year.

  What is best about these trips is that we get to see the faces we hear through the phones and really connect.  We can understand the practice, the environment and the needs of the patients by visiting.  We are able to see where the practice is going, and how we can accommodate them better.  Some offices were only using us for certain products, and we were able to work together to create a plan to help them have a one stop shop for all their restorations since they were so pleased with the one product, we are given the opportunity to showcase our other work by having them expand horizons and try something that they hadn’t ordered from us before. We love being able to show our clients that we can be more for them. During out meetings we were able to discuss where dentistry is going, and that is digital. Jay and Dave were able to really dive deep into how it benefits the patients, not only the dentists, and that we are always thinking of the patient, because to us, they are not only your patients, but ours as well. Some dentists were skeptical or nervous about the digital dentistry that is making is move forward, but with conversation, examples and a hand on testing of the equipment, we were able to put our dentists at ease, comfortable and excited about going digital!

  During the trip, we were joined by Roy Goldberg of Ivoclar Vivadent.  We planned a great dinner and educational course on E.max.  All porcelain restorations are becoming more popular and in demand with the aesthetics being that of the best, along with the flat fee.  Dentists are turning to these restorations and our course was to teach those procedures, preps, cementation and how to use E.max to the best of their ability and to get the most aesthetic result!  We had a great group of dentists who were inquisitive, focused and really thrived on the education experience.

  This was one of the best trips we have had.  All of our visits from Illinois to Michigan were amazing and we had GREAT feedback about the lab and so many nice things said to us.  Our trip began with smiles and we are so lucky and grateful to have ended it with compliments, LOTS more smiling and a greater bond with our friends in the Midwest.

  We look forward to visiting each and every one of our dentists…  So, when you get the call that we are in your area, we hope you have time to grab a drink, or a meal to speak with us about our relationship together!