Mission Impossible

Posted on: August 3rd, 2015 by april


For years patients and dentists have been told a flexible partial material could not be repaired. Patients request this material not only for it’s obviously flexibility, but it’s amazing retention and comfort. Without being able to alter this material, dentist would stray away from this solution and offer the tradition acrylic/cast framework combination.

The traditional framework to acrylic is always an option, as it has been for years, but the aesthetics are not favorable for some patients. When a patient is concerned about the appearance of their denture, flexible partials are something to consider. Flexible partials resolve the fear of the noticeable removable appliance as the material matches the gum tissue entirely, with no metal showing in the smile line.

Here at Cornerstone, we had a mission to do the impossible, to create a solution to the problem of not being able to repair, reline, or adding a tooth to a flexible material. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! We can now! We now have a solution to add, repair and reline flexible dentures.

So, Doctors, have no fear in offering a flexible partial as an option for your patient. Cornerstone is able to meet your needs when it comes to removable solutions for your patients.