Stopping the Grind: The Benefits of Using a Custom Night Guard

Posted on: January 21st, 2021 by Cornerstone

It’s a problem many people deal with. Going to sleep only to grind their teeth all night, leading to a multitude of dental problems. Teeth grinding is a widespread problem, and its effects can be devastating in the long term. In recent years, the use of night guards has become commonplace. There are two types of guards that have recently surged in popularity, the over-the-counter night guard and the customer night guard.

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Here we will discuss some of the benefits of wearing a custom night guard:

Custom Night Guards Vs. Over-the-Counter Night Guards

Although some benefits can arise from the use of over-the-counter night guards, many times, the use of these types of guards does little to protect a user from the long term effects of teeth grinding at night. Once used primarily by athletes to protect themselves from tooth damage during the course of physical activity, over-the-counter night guards are not custom fit and lack the material construction to be considered viable for long term use. 

Although consumers may consider the “boil method” to be a form of custom fitting, it is not. The boiling method involves a store-bought oral plate made malleable by placing the piece in hot water and then biting into it to create a shape that fits the user’s tooth alignment. Again, this is a poor substitute for a professional fitting performed by a dentist. 

Being their lack of personalized design, over-the-counter night guards also tend to be less comfortable than custom ones, leading to additional problems if used over a lengthy period of time.

Custom night guards are specifically designed to fit the user’s mouth. Molds are taken at the dentist’s office and sent to a professional dental lab where the guard is made from high-quality materials proven to last a very long time. This high level of customization even allows the dental lab to control the thickness of the guard, depending on the level of grinding that is done by the patient. 

The materials used in the production of a custom night guard are generally made from high-grade thermoplastic. This type of construction provides for a finished product that will typically last several years before needing to be replaced. That said, custom night guards for children will need to be changed more regularly due to the changing nature of a child’s mouth.

Advantages of Custom Night Guard Use

There are many benefits to using a custom night guard while sleeping. As previously mentioned, teeth grinding is a common problem for many individuals. Some grinding can be so severe that it can severely damage the teeth and jaw structure unless preventative measures are taken. The habitual grinding of teeth or Bruxism can cause significant damage to tooth enamel and cause temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as TMJ. Tooth grinding has also been linked to increased headaches and sleeping disorders.

Using a custom night guard stops bruxism and the resulting tooth and jaw damage caused by it. When a patient uses a properly fitted custom night guard while sleeping, they reduce pressure within the mouth leading to a noticeable reduction in grinding-related injuries. Custom night guards also reduce tension within the mouth that may induce better sleeping patterns in a patient. Traditionally, custom mouth guards have been primarily made for the upper jaw and teeth, yet lower mouth guards can also be used to alleviate certain patient issues.

Custom night guards that have been molded to fit a patient’s mouth can protect against the damages caused by bruxism. Through professional fitting done with a dentist and dental lab, patients can enjoy a better night’s sleep, knowing that their custom night guard has stopped habitual tooth grinding.

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